Charlie Barrow & William Wallace – Aberdeen to Ft William

Training continues, navigation skills needed!


Another day trip up Bennachie got our legs working as well as highlighting the need for a bit of practice when it comes to navigation. We started from the Back o Bennachie andx head up to Oxen Craig via Little Oxen Craig.

A considerable amount of time was spent attempting to boil water for tea in gale force winds. We managed eventually but the delay gave Will plenty of time to mess about in amongst the huge granite boulders.

After out windy snack break we headed down the other side of Oxen Craig to Watch Craig. This lead to a certain amount of discussion as to our exact whereabouts. We headed back to Oxen Craig and across to Craigshannoch whilst both agreeing that the use of Ordinance Survey maps would be a benefit to our training programme!


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